DiaPer BaGs

Quilted red diaper bag w/changing pad

Black & white messenger style diaper bag w/changing pad
Pink & Brown canvas diaper bag
Black & Pink canvas diaper bag
Pink and brown small polka dot diaper bag
Brown and White polka dot diaper bag
Pink and White polka dot diaper bag


Zack & Alisha said...

Hey Sandy,

This is Alisha Alvey. I love your new site for your bags!!! I really want the Brown & white toile large diaper bag w/changing pad & mini bag $28. I just had a baby boy February 22nd. My blog is alveybunch.blogspot.com/ Email me at alveybunch@gmail.com so I can get in contact and purchase this bag.

Alisha Alvey

Myndee Buchholz said...

Hi Sandy,

My name is Myndee Buchholz. I met you at a boutique you did in Washington. I went to high school with your husband...Daniel...in Beaver. I work for Boulevard Home Furnishings and we are putting on a boutique of sorts and are looking for vendors to participate. I love your stuff and I want to invite you to participate. There is no charge to have a booth. The date of the boutique would be April 4th from 4 to 8 pm and it would be held at Bouelvard Home Furnishings. We are advertising this event and expect a lot of people to come. Please call me at 435-986-3108 or 435-619-3108 as soon as possible and let me know if you are interested. You can also contact me at myndeeb@blvdhome.com

I hope to hear from you very soon.


Nina said...

I love those bags <3 so sweet!

Matt and Karyna Bouslog said...

These are sooo cute! Do you have any pictures of the inside. How do I get one -I live in Los Angeles, CA. You can email me at karyna105@hotmail.com. Thanks!

Diaperbag said...

wow what a fantastic coloured smart looking bags at your site , so its become easier for me to purchase without thinking about the colour and designs. Trendy Diaper Bag

Anonymous said...

wow.. so cute.. how do i get one.. ? i from malaysia.. you can email me at angah_ej@yahoo.com.


Jenifer Koyle said...

how do i purchase a brown polka dot bag... the one with white dots and bow

Corie said...

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Jackson said...

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